Technical Options

Stay abreast of all the emerging technologies to maintain your edge in the marketplace by taking advantage of our technical support services, in addition to information management, web-based customer service, data tracking, and order processing. With our dependable services and products like desktop computers, together we can ensure your business will survive and grow.

Grow Your Business With Our IT Services

At COMPUTEK, we understand the important role technology plays in your daily business needs. Without it, your business can't be successful. Hiring competent IT professionals can be expensive, yet fixing problems with your technology can be costly as well. We have the solutions for you. We provide aggressive pricing on IT services to businesses, as well as the sale of affordable computer hardware and software.

Tech Products

We offer direct access to some of the nation's top IT distributors with ease of research, timely order fulfillment, and access to over 500,000 products. With direct shipping to your location, we sell all types of computers, such as servers, desktop computers, and notebooks, as well as tablets. Our networking products include routers, switches, and wireless firewalls. We also offer business, office, industrial, warehouse, label, and point-of-sale printers. Order DVRs or cameras for business security, or handheld mobile computers, scanners, and credit card terminals for easy payment options. Our software options include anti-virus, anti-malware, and more. 

Printer Cartidges